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50km or 2 x 25km relay

2/01/2018 2am Dunsborough to Busselton Jetty and back along the beach

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Sandman 50 reflects the regularity of astronomy, a race aligned with a full moon, a low, low tide, and a perfectly timed sunrise. Whether you share the moment in company, sifting through the remains of last night's high tide, or go it alone with silent stingrays and dancing crabs, admiring the improbable grace of pelicans, this 50 kilometre beach run promises a mostly firm and flat surface. You will be able to run freely in the coolness either side of dawn, but you will also get wet feet, and shoes are definitely optional. There are no roads or pavements - just start to finish sand, water and rocks, the way nature intended it.

2015 Results

2016 Results

Event finishes and starts at the Old Dunsborough boatramp. Presentations are at 8:30am.

General Information for all Competitors

Competitors will be expected to carry water - refill at about the 14km, 25km mark and 36km mark. You will need a torch/headlamp on the out leg.

Arrive 30 minutes before the run starts for bib pickup and the safety briefing. Early registrations might be organised for 2nd leg runners - details later.

Registration is online only. Refunds: MRTR policy is to offer a full refund up to close of registrations.

For teams only the team will be timed, not the individual legs. 50km runners will be timed.

Coffee available for purchase at the end. Relax and stay to watch the rest arrive.

Safety and Rules

  • 50km competitors should be able to point to a marathon time of 4 hours or better or an equivilent ultra. There will be a cut off time to be announced at 25km - possibly 3 hours.
  • Though mostly flat and firm, there is a short rocky section at the start/end.
  • There are a few creeks to cross and a couple of groynes to get around - these are not particulary arduous.
  • Give way to boats on the boat ramp and the general public.
  • Team change-over point is Busselton Jetty.
  • Cost is $31 for both teams and individuals

Questions, expressions of interest, or sponsorship enquires are welcome. Please email the , or make an enquiry by phoning Rod on 0417 971 471