Saturday Runs

Our regular runs are Saturday mornings, usually at 7am. Each run is different.

  • Visitors are welcome - $2 'donation' to club social fund - thank you!
  • Start location is within 20km of Margaret River, usually 10km.
  • Runs can be trail or road or a combination.
  • Runs are normally about 8-11km, with a shorter option of around 5-7km. Longest so far is 14km.
  • You run at your own pace. We encourage you to loop back to the back markers occasionally or at the end - everyone runs the same time, not the same distance.
  • Most runs are loops.
  • Sometimes we have coffee afterwards, occasionally breakfast.
  • You will be emailed the run map, and start location 3 to 5 days before the run.
  • Twilight runs might happen futher afield (eg Hamelin Bay).
  • There are no prizes, no trophies, no times recorded.
  • There is no need to tell anyone you are coming - just turn up.
  • We do leave on time - so don't be late - that means get there at 6.50am.

These runs are fairly informal. We do ask you to take responsibility for your own safety. Some of these runs might have rocks, be rutted or have other obstacles, so be fore-warned.

To be put on the email list for these runs (or be taken off it) please email the run .