Wharncliffe Mill Half and 10km Trail Run

Sat May 14th 2016 2pm

Wharncliffe Mill - Margaret River

Wharncliffe Half – a personal view

A few years ago I was looking for a trail run event to participate in. I am not a great runner, so I was not looking for an extreme challenge. On the other hand I run 10km trail every week, so was looking for something a bit more challenging than that.

What I found was a little depressing. Most trail runs seem to be one of two main sorts. The first sort, and by far the most common was the extreme sort. These runs advertise their toughness as a selling point. They are often very long, and very hilly. I asked a few runners who participated in one of these how they went on the hills – did they run them? Oh no they assured me – you couldn’t run the hills. So a trail walk then?

The other sort is the one that anyone can go in. Usually commercial in nature – the aim is to maximise the number of runners rather than put on a genuine trail running experience. Often barely trail, usually just gravel roads or well-trodden paths, rarely more than 10 or 12km long, no doubt fun, but did I want to travel for that?

So I needed a goldilocks event. Not to hot or too cold, not too hard or too soft. A trail run with actual real trail, and a trail run which you could run – the whole way. No gravel roads, no bitumen, no sand dunes, no vertical hills that climb 300 meters, or equally impossible to run downhills. You know – a trail – the ones you see advertised where runners are flying, hair streaming, with smiles on their faces. A FUN trail.

Well I believe the Wharncliffe half is just that. It is fun, it is trail, and it is runnable. I found myself whooping aloud on it the other day. For long periods you can just relax and run – sure there are hills, and rocky bits, the odd log or puddle to navigate, but if you can run 21km on road, you can here.

So maybe we will see you there!

Rod Bennett


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Event is sponsored by Wharncliffe Bush Retreat and Eco Tours. Stay for 3 nights for the price of 2.